"Ossett Academy enriches your experience through extra-curricular activities such as hockey and music, along with the excellent academic support provided by school staff."

Head Boy
Matthew Chilton

"What I love about Ossett Academy is the way in which students and teachers work together; everyday, in every lesson, the sense of team spirit and togetherness shines through."

Matthew Vellensworth
Director of Language and Literacy

"The friendly and nurturing environment will allow upcoming year 7s to experience a smooth transition from primary school to Ossett Academy and will feel an immediate sense of belonging."

Head Girl
Alex Askin

"The range of extra-curricular activities at Ossett is second to none. There is something exciting for all students to get involved in. It's a supportive community where all are challenged to succeed."

Michelle Holmes
CTL Performing Arts

"Through investigation and experimentation we help our students become good questioners and curious about the world around them."

Belinda Smith
CTL Science

"I love all the different types of clubs that’s here, it’s so fun! You get to try so many new activities."

Georgia Fahey
Year 7 Student

"As a member of staff at the academy for 20 years I know that it really is an inclusive community where each and every day the amazing young people demonstrate a passion for learning. It is a fantastic place to work!"

Neil Stott
Vice Principal

Welcome to Ossett Academy

A Warboys, Principal

On behalf of students, staff and governors, I am delighted to be able to welcome you to Ossett Academy and Sixth Form College.

The academy has gained a reputation for excellence that is best evidenced in the outcomes that students achieve across all aspects of academy life. Our strong tradition of success is built on a firm foundation of strong pastoral care, ensuring a climate for learning that is calm, well ordered and secure, and focused on celebrating every achievement and academic success.

Academic excellence, whilst important, is only one part of our story, with a strong tradition of student achievement, celebrated across a wide range of curriculum and enrichment activities in sport, performing and creative arts. There really is an explosion of opportunity at the academy, with students regularly participating in educational visits to complement their work across the curriculum. In addition, to ensure strong personal and social development, all students are also able to participate in a wide range of residential experiences, both within the UK and abroad.

The development of our community is an extremely important feature of our work, and a key priority is to ensure that we have very positive relationships with parents and carers in order to fully support the learning of all young people.

Most recently we have joined together with Horbury Academy, and will shortly be joined by Horbury Primary Academy and Middlestown Primary Academy to form the Accord Multi Academy Trust.  This is an exciting development for the Academy and the vision of our equal partnership is that the Accord Multi Academy Trust will enhance both our practice and knowledge of learning across primary and secondary education, whilst also providing access for students and staff to an even better range of opportunities in order to achieve excellence.

Partnership and collaboration is an important aspect of our on-going development and we continue to play a key role alongside our primary pyramid as a member of the Education Ossett Community Trust (EOCT), striving to provide world-class opportunities for the community of Ossett, and supporting young people aged 3 to 18 to develop a lifelong passion for learning, across a range of experiences.

I am extremely proud to lead Ossett Academy and Sixth Form College and to work alongside such a talented body of students and staff, who are fully committed to working as a team. This really is a fantastic place with unlimited potential, and I am certain that when you visit, you will undoubtedly be impressed. However don’t just rely on my opinion and take a look at the welcome video below from our students.

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