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Student Working


Introduction to the Subject & Team

Citizenship education gives people the knowledge and skills to understand, challenge and engage with the main pillars of our democracy: politics, the economy and the law. It is about enabling people to make their own decisions and to take responsibility for their own lives and their communities. Lessons help students develop an understanding of the political, legal and economic functions of adult society; and with the social and moral awareness to thrive in it. Citizenship education is also crucial because it builds character, explores British values and develops the soft skills of communication, initiative, interacting appropriately and team working usefully in the workforce.

The Citizenship department is staffed by experienced teachers who have taught this subject since its inception

 Mrs C Baines

Mrs C Baines
Subject Leader RE/SMSC


Course Content at Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 the Citizenship Curriculum forms part of the Life lessons.

Course Content at Key Stage 4

Exam board/Specification: Edexcel GCSE Citizenship Studies

Assessment and examinations:

Theme A: Living together in the UK. Citizenship Today

Theme B: Democracy at Work in the UK.

Theme C: Law and Justice

Theme D: Power and Influence.

Theme E: Taking Citizenship Action

Students sit two exam papers of 1 hour 45 minutes each. Both papers are worth 50% of the total exam mark. There is no controlled assessment.


Career Opportunities and Progression within the Subject

As stated above Citizenship lessons will help to prepare all students to become responsible and active citizens within the communities where they live as well as developing the soft skills demanded by employers. Students can also pursue this subject at A level and is also a useful foundation for students studying Law, or Government and Politics.


How Parents Can Support Learning

  • Ask them about their Citizenship lessons, what are they learning about and what can they tell you about it.
  • Talk to your child about the world around them both in their local area and when you go further afield.
  • Watch news programs together and discuss what has happened and how it may relate to themes studied in lessons.
  • Buy a revision guide for GCSE Citizenship.
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