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Introduction to the Subject & Team

The Drama department comprises of two passionate specialists devoted to providing an engaging and vibrant learning environment where students are able to flourish.


Mrs Michelle Holmes 
CTL Performing Arts


Miss Alicia Roberts  
Teacher of Drama


Our goal in Drama is to cultivate enjoyment through imaginative and exciting lessons. Students will be introduced to a vast range of stimuli including play texts, songs and images: materials from which to springboard their creative and collaborative ideas. Students will work together to make and evaluate theatre. Students will reflect on their own work and that of others in order to strive to achieve more.

As well as timetabled lessons, we offer a range of extracurricular activities. These include Inspire run by KS4 students for KS3 where opportunities to perform at events such as the Carol Concert and Theatre on the Lawn are embraced. KS4 students are offered support and guidance for their exam performances too.  We are committed to producing whole school productions so that students can build working relationships with others in all year groups and peer mentoring is nurtured.  We also arrange educational visits including theatre trips to productions all over the country. Recently we have seen Blood Brothers, Matilda, Chitty Bang Bang & Othello.


Course Content at Key Stage 3

Students receive one hour of Drama per week in Y7 & Y8. Students are taught in mixed ability forms. The Y9 option have two hours of Drama a week and are working towards their Bronze Arts Award.


Year 7

On arrival at Ossett Academy, students will be introduced to Drama through stimulating texts, different cultural approaches and of course various styles of Theatre for example Physical Theatre.


Year 8

The students will delve into the ‘who dunnit’ genre along with traditional texts such as Romeo & Juliet with a hint of the gothic genre.


Year 9

Students who have opted for Drama will again experience a range of genres/ styles from horror to melodrama. Students will become familiar with the rigour of the GCSE examination expectations.


Course Content at Key Stage 4

Year 10

Exam board: OCR

Unit 1: Devising Drama

30%  Internally assessed

Unit 2: Presenting and Performing Texts

30% Externally examined

Unit 3: Performance & Response

40% Written Exam

Year 11

Exam board: Edexcel

Unit 1: Drama Exploration

30% of GCSE

Unit 3: Performance exam

40% Externally moderated by visiting examiner


Overview of assessment

Six hour practical exploration & documentary response.

Career Opportunities and Progression within the Subject

We dream of seeing our students’ names in lights one day! An acting career is certainly one option available. However, there are a number of others in the field of Drama. A passion for Drama could be utilised in Directing or Drama Therapy. But not all roles revolving around Drama skills would be in front of an audience. For example:

  • arts organisations
  • local government
  • education
  • the National Health Service (NHS)
  • leisure companies
  • voluntary organisations
  • lawyers
  • sales

Ability to collaborate, compromise, be original, demonstrate confidence and evaluate in depth would all be welcomed by a plethora of employers.

How Parents Can Support Learning

  • arrange theatre visits
  • urge participation in extracurricular Drama (in school and beyond)
  • encourage further reading (fiction and non-fiction)
  • promote 100% attendance
  • check that homework is being kept up‐to‐date
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