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Curriculum Overview

Ossett Academy has established a curriculum that provides a deep learning experience for all students, providing them with the skills and competences for lifelong learning. The Academy aims to provide a curriculum that:

  1. Shows due regard for statutory and entitlement elements of the nationally prescribed curriculum.
  2. Is tailored to the individual needs of students, providing opportunities for fast tracking or consolidation of skills.
  3. Enables all students to become successful learners with transferable skills, who:
  • Have the essential learning skills of literacy, numeracy, and information and communication technology.
  • Are creative and resourceful and are able to identify and solve problems.
  • Have enquiring minds and think for themselves to process information, reason, question and evaluate.
  • Understand how they learn and how to learn from their mistakes.
  • Are able to learn independently and with others.
  • Have a sense of self-worth and personal identity.
  • Have secure values and beliefs and have principles to distinguish right from wrong.
  • Make healthy life styles choices.
  • Are physically competent and confident.
  • Take managed risks and stay safe.
  • Recognise their talents and have ambitions.
  • Have an understanding and empathy of other cultures and British Values.
  1. Allows for personalisation and choice within a structured support system of Information, Advice and Guidance at Key Stage 4 and 5.
  2. Maximises opportunities for success and personalisation by providing choice of flexible pathways and choice within each pathway at Key Stage 4 and 5.
  3. Provides opportunities for students to learn beyond boundaries of individual subjects and the confines of the classroom.

Key Stage 3:

  • Prior data and information from primary schools are used to place students into two populations of comparable ability on entry to the academy.
  • Students are taught in sets or mixed ability groups, within each population.
  • All students follow the statutory national curriculum subjects and programmes of study, plus others that enhance their experiences.
  • There are opportunities for students to receive extra support/consolidation or extension activities.
  • All students study a traditional curriculum, which includes: Art, Drama, English, Geography, History, ICT, Life (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education and Religious Studies), Maths, a Modern Foreign Language, Music, PE, Science and Technology.

Key Stage 4:

  • At KS4 a number of routes or Pathways are possible and these offer a range of accredited qualifications at Entry Level, GCSE and BTEC.
  • Students are at present placed on one flexible Pathway by the academy, after consideration of the needs and abilities of the individual.


For our full Curriculum Outline for the current Academic Year, please see the PDF below:

Curriculum Outline (Academic Year 2018-19)

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