Student Working

Letters from the Academy


Christmas End of Term Letter (December 2019)

Change to the Academy Site and Car Park Letter (December 2019)

Christmas Jumper & Meal Letter (December 2019)

Swimming Pool closure letter (December 2019)

Parent Forum letter (November 2019)

MCAS Parent Letter (September 2019)

Bike pass letter 2019

Proposed Change to Academy Day Letter (May 2019)

Knife Crime Letter (March 2019)

West Yorkshire Police – Information on knife crime (March 2019)



D1408 Year 7/8 Wizard of Oz reward trip Place offered letter (December 2019)

Year 7 Parents Evening letter – (September 2019)

Year 7 Compulsory Food Technology (Sept 2019)



Year 8 Parents Evening (January 2020)

D1408 Year 7/8 Wizard of Oz reward trip Place offered letter (December 2019)

Year 8 Compulsory Food Tech (Sept 19)



Year 9 Parents Evening letter – Nov 19

Parents Evening – Student booking form

CAMNAT Sport Studies day walk Letter (September 2019)

Year 9 Hospitality and Catering Letter (Sept 2019)



Year 10 Parents Evening letter

Year 10 Food Tech Letter (Sept 2019)



Year 11 Attendance & Prom Criteria Letter (January 2020)

Year 11 Parents Evening letter (November 2019)

Year 11 Tutor Pods letter (November 2019)

Year 11 Supporting Success event (October 19)

How To Write A Personal Statement

Year 11 PPE Intervention schedule (September 2019)

Year 11 PPE revision letter (September 2019)

Wakefield Learning Community Letter – Yr 11 Careers Event

Year 11 End Of Year Arrangements 2019




Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Interest Letter (2019/20)



Year 10 History Battlefields Visit Expression of Interest Letter (December 2019)

CERN Visit – Cancellation Letter (December 2019)

D1407 – Year 11 Poetry Live visit letter (January 2020)

Go Ape Year 13 – Parent Letter (October 2019)

D1370 – Year 13 A-Level ‘Science Live’ visit letter (November 2019)

D1385 – Year 12&13 English Literature Visit – Huddersfield University (October 2019)

R1365 Netball Tournament Weekend (March 2020)

D1359 Yr11 An Inspector Calls theatre visit (September 2019)

D1375 – Yr10&Yr11 Blood Brothers theatre visit (September 2019)

O1348 – Ski Visit. Place offered parent letter









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