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Supporting Success Presentation Notes

Notes from the Presentation shown at this year’s Year 10 & 11 Parents Information Evening on Wednesday 19 September 2018 are available to download in PDF format over on that event’s page.


Supporting Success Year 9

Powerpoint presentation shown at this years Year 9 Supporting Success Evening on Wednesday 28 November 2018 can be found on that event’s page.


Supporting Success for Year 11

Powerpoint presentations shown at this years Year 11 Supporting Success Evening on Thursday 24th January 2019 can be found below:

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Year 11 StudyClubs and Tutorpod Sessions are detailed over on our ExtraCurricular page.


5 Revision Strategies


Exam dates for the 2018/19 academic year can be found on the Exams page.

In order to ensure all students are fully supported to be successful in their GCSE year, teachers and leaders at the academy have created a package of support for students. These packages have been designed with several key considerations:

  • It is only one aspect of GCSE support – without exception how a student applies themselves to learning in lessons; homework and their independent revision, is by far the biggest influencing factor in terms of success.
  • It is based on experience and what we know is effective in terms of supporting students’ success.
  • It is a personalised package that will look different for every student depending upon their different needs. If a student has been invited to something then trust that we have invited that student because we believe it will make a difference. Similarly, if a student has not been invited don’t panic – it’s because we believe it is not necessary and other activities might be better for them.


Student personalised support package

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How does it work?

Throughout your time at the academy you have been regularly assessed to check on your progress. This process of assessment provides teachers and leaders with key information about your learning. It tells us the things you are doing well at and the things you may need support in. We use this assessment information to then plan out any different support we can put in place to help you address your gaps in learning. Most of this support will come in lesson time, via homework and independent revision, but where we feel this might not be enough to support your progress we will look to provide you with some additional support. This could look like lots of different things and will very much depend on the individual.


What do we need from the student to make this work?

Experience and evidence based research has shown us that a student’s mind set, attitude to learning and revision and the effort they put into their work is the biggest factor in securing success. With that in mind our expectation is that you:

  • Work hard and do not give up when presented with a challenge – Your GCSE’s are difficult – you will find things hard – it is the way you approach these difficulties that will make the difference to your end result.
  • Focus on the process and not the outcome – learn how to do something well by learning from your mistakes – and part of this process is making mistakes and learning from them. A student who has achieved 50% in a test but has taken the steps to learn from the errors will be in a much better place in their final exams than a student who gained 70% and chose to sit back and take it easy!
  • Work in partnership with the teachers – you must remember that many of your teachers are working on a voluntary basis to support your learning outside of the classroom. It is important that you appreciate this – they do not have to give up their break time or lunch time to support you – but many do, because your success is important to them. Forging and maintaining effective working relationships with your teachers is key to your success.
  • Finally, do it for you – your teachers, parents and carers will always be proud of you when you work hard and achieve your best but that shouldn’t be the motivating factor. You should be proud of yourself and work hard for yourself after all you will be the ones to reap the benefits!


Supporting Success

The additional interventions that may form part of a personalised package of support.

Support activity What is it? Who are they for? How and why is it helpful?

Subject form groups

Renamed period 3 sessions from September 2018

These are form groups that will allow students to access more curriculum learning time – they  tend to focus on Maths and English but other subjects may be included in this as the year progresses Across a week, 4 form times equates to an additional 80 minutes of learning time in an area you need support in.
All students in Y10 & Y11
Study clubs

These will run at the end of the academy day and will be an opportunity for you to revise with a teacher on key topics you are finding difficult. You need to come prepared with questions and topics you want support with.

They will run in most subject areas.

Yr11 Study Clubs are detailed over on our ExtraCurricular activities page.

These will allow you to support your own independent revision.

These are open to all students

Targeted students encouraged to attend

Tutor pods

These were new in 2017/2018 and students found them incredibly useful

Tutor pods allow students to book an on line 20 minute appointment with a maths or English teacher to specifically learn a skill or area of the curriculum that is causing you concern. The responsibility is placed on the student to make the appointment but the teacher may direct this for some students where necessary. If relevant a small group of students could make an appointment together. An overview of Tutorpod sessions for specific evenings and subject areas can be found on our ExtraCurricular activities page.

This is in essence an opportunity for one to one tuition based on a student’s revision and learning needs. These are available to all students and some students will be directed to attend.
Period 7 There will be a significant reduction in period 7 lessons this year, however period 7 lessons may be scheduled for targeted students based on coursework completion. Triple Science will be asked to attend a period 7 session most weeks. Targeted students only
Learning Conferences A learning conference will take place between approx. 1pm and 5pm and will be used to support Maths, English and Science. Students will work on areas of development as part of a series of workshops across the afternoon. These give students concentrated time to focus on subject areas to develop skills. Targeted students only
Pizza and pop nights These take place at the end of the school day and will focus on key aspects of revision and exam practice. We recognise that revision is hungry work so refreshments will be provided! These give students concentrated time to focus on subject areas to develop skills.Targeted students only
Revisions guides These are selected by teachers based on the exam board and the quality of the guide. Students will have lots of opportunities to buy these from the academy. These are available to all students
Walking talking mocks and walking talking marks

These are designed to talk you through an exam so you can understand how to approach each question in the best way. You will hear your teachers thinking out loud as they talk you through the answers.

You will then repeat the exam so you can have the opportunity to replicate the same thinking process.

Targeted students only
Period Zero We recognise that some of our students come into the academy early and would welcome the opportunity to revise before the school day begins. These are open to all students
Targeted assemblies and workshops that help you to understand how to learn effectively and how to revise We will ensure that all students are fully supported to understand the best ways to revise – this will link to neuroscience and how the brain best retains information. Targeted students across the academic year
Easter school This provides students with an opportunity to undertake targeted revision during the Easter break Targeted students only
June half term school This provides students with an opportunity to undertake targeted revision during half term break – by this point exams will have already started. Open to all students but groups will be created to target key areas for development
Master classes Just before and during exams we will create a new timetable that gives students master class revision time before each exam. Factored into this is additionally the time to complete any independent revision. Open to all students but groups will be created to target key areas for development
Study Hall

This was new in 2017-2018 and allowed students to establish good revision habits. Students are requested at study hall and are provided a revision pack of materials and invited to bring their own revision guides and books to revise from. Students then sit in silence for two hours and carry out revision independently under the supervision of a senior leader. Refreshments are provided at the beginning of the session.

In 2018 -2019 Study hall will be used intensively before PPEs and final GCSE exams and then twice weekly at all other times.

Targeted students only
Exam anxiety one to one support We understand some students will suffer from anxiety during the exam season and before. Work with Mrs Gaskell in advance of exams will help them to understand ways in which they can control these feelings better. Targeted students only
Passport to the prom In order to receive an invitation to the prom students have to meet certain expectations. These are straightforward and are personalised for each year group. This year the criteria was based around:

  • Behaviour – no exclusions
  • Attendance – this includes attendance at targeted strategies of support such as study hall; master classes and period 6 sessions
  • Effort
All students
Additional support in PE lessons In certain circumstances where we are concerned that students may not achieve their Maths and English grades we will use PE curriculum time to support learning in these areas. Targeted students only


Supporting Success Parent evenings

Key stage 4 information evening This is an evening where we share the information about key dates and the success package on offer over the year.

Parents only (students get the information in assemblies & lessons)


Supporting success evenings

These are a series of evenings with different foci that allow us to work alongside your parents to help them understand the challenges you face and how we can best support you.

We want to engage with parents on a regular basis throughout the year at different targeted events.

Event evenings are targeted students.
Parents Evening The parents evenings are scheduled after the PPE’s, so that you can review your performance with your class teacher and parents Parent’s evenings are students and parents meeting class teachers.

Yr11 Additional Revision Support Calendar

This resource is still being finalised for this academic year. Please check back frequently.


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