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The great environmental debate!

July 9, 2019

In support of our environmental drive, Miss Cree held a debate with year 7 students, for which they needed to consider arguments for and against a statement with an environmental focus. The statement was…

“People in the UK should give up meat for one day a week to help lower the greenhouse gas produced.”

Students considered their stance on this and worked on their arguments in support of their view.

Here’s Kathryn’s take on the debate…

“During the planning, what I found most interesting was looking at the other side of the argument, the ‘against’ team. We did this to try and make our argument stronger.

“A challenge was that we had so many ideas, and it was hard choosing points that were the important, and conveyed our message most effectively.

“During the debate, Erin and Isabelle were excellent at expressing our view. They said all our planned speech clearly and it conveyed our message well. However, I was surprised at how good the ‘against’ team’s argument was, as we had thought of as many of their sides ideas as we could, but they still had a very strong argument.

“Personally, I enjoyed the debate along with many other members of the form. We developed our teamwork, speaking and listening skills, and due to the high quality and strength of our arguments, one person changed his mind.”

Jack was on the opposing side of the debate. He said…

“Our main point for against people giving up meat for a day was that even if we don’t eat meat for one day, it will have to still be produced because people may choose to eat meat on different days in a week.

“We had good discussions, one person switched their opinion from ‘against’ to ‘for’. One challenge was that we found it hard to decide which side to be on due to both arguments being so strong!”

Alex agreed, saying the affect it would have on businesses such as KFC would need to be considered.

Well done everyone, for what was a well considered and delivered debate!

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